We want to hear every request. Quickest thing to do is to give us a call on 1300 017 337 or jump on to the website and log a booking request through our easy online web form . Our coordination team will talk you through some questions to better understand what you are looking for.

We’ve taken client’s home to visit their farm; to enjoy a meal with their loved ones at their favourite café; to visit their garden; to spend time with their pets; to their son’s wedding. Get in touch with us to chat about where you would like to go.

The Memory Lane service is free for everyone. We are able to run this service due to the generosity of our donors.

Access is for anyone who meets the eligibility criteria regardless of where they live in Victoria.

Yes, we encourage clients and their loved ones to discuss a Memory Lane trip and send us a booking request as early as possible.

This is determined on a case-by-case basis based on the client’s medical condition and capacity to travel for long periods of time, along with the availability of our volunteers. While Victoria is a smaller state, longer drives would also need to factor in driver fatigue and the safety of clients and volunteers on the road.

We’ve found the best way to achieve this is to talk through your wishes with them. We will send you information that you can pass on to the treating clinician which outlines what the service is for, how it operates and what information we require regarding their approval to travel.

We only require enough information to determine that clients meet the eligibility criteria and to ensure that if they have complex healthcare needs these can be met during the duration of the Memory Lane journey. RFDS takes privacy and confidentiality of all our clients seriously and we have strong systems in place to protect these.

Every day of the week is possible but confirmation of journey will be dependent on vehicle and volunteer availability.

This has never happened yet! Our volunteers are an amazing group of people willing and ready to support this service. In the unlikely event of this happening, we work with the client and the care team to find a suitable alternative date.

Absolutely! Our Memory Lane vehicles have built in brackets to accommodate wheelchairs. If you need a wheelchair to access the beach or a trail, then let us know because one of our amazing service delivery partners has gifted one of those to us as well.

Definitely! The Memory Lane vehicles have taken on board client feedback and now have enough space for 2 family members/carers to travel with the client. Dependent on healthcare needs, we also have space for a member of the care team too.

Our volunteers are all trained frontline responders or healthcare professionals so you are in good hands. In the event of an emergency, they will follow the accompanying healthcare professional’s guidance or the client’s care plan and as needed contact emergency services to request support. Please review our Goals of Care agreement for more information.

We accept that things can change quickly for people. Give us a call and we can let the volunteers know of the cancellation and, where possible, change any booking.

RFDS loves a challenge but we can’t guarantee the Victorian weather. We can work with you to determine what might be the best day and our vehicles do have awnings off the side and back, so that clients can be out of the rain. Remember to bring warm clothes for those winter days.

We have the provision to be able to still carry out the journey despite a lockdown or government restrictions, this also means primary carers can come along as well. If other friends or family choose to accompany you, they should consider the restrictions in place before making any decision to travel.

All our volunteers and staff adhere to strict Covid 19 protocols, and will be wearing personal protective equipment as required by Department of Health mandates at the time of the Memory Lane journey.

Our Memory Lane vehicles are fitted out with high flow oxygen and suction apparatus, power stretchers, and basic medical consumables required for patient transports.

Of course! Each client has their own unique journey they may wish to make. Bookings will be confirmed with regards to vehicle and volunteer availability alongside client’s current condition to travel.

Yes, we cater to clients residing in-patient palliative care spaces or those part of community palliative care programs. We can collect from most properties.

Our Memory Lane vehicles are long wheel base, high roof all-wheel drive vehicles which means that they are comfortable in the back for clients and carers, can navigate gravel roads and tracks but any access to properties with low height restrictions would need to be discussed. Entry into and out of the residence will be assessed by our trained volunteers. However, the more information you can provide in the booking request, the smoother the journey will be.  Please review this video for a preview of the Memory Lane vehicle.

Definitely. Please use the webform to make a request including your postal address or email us at memorylane@rfdsvic.com.au and we will organise some to be sent out. Alternatively, you can download a PDF from the website.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate more than one trip per client.